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Hello, newest followers! And, hello again, to all the followers that have been hanging around for a little while!

I am issuing a challenge to my fellow Trouble Hunters! And I know how much you all love a challenge. I mean, hell. Andy says he wants you guys to vote for him on MTViggy, and you dominate. So I know what I’m getting myself into by setting this up.

The Twitter street team (@STastronautalis) currently has 173 followers at my last check (but it has been going up steadily all night since I started my challenge yesterday). I want to break 300 followers, because that seems like a good amount for one challenge. If this is successful, I will do it again and again.

What do you win?

I am hand making a poster for the winner (which I will pick at random using an online generator, or drawing names from a hat). Now, I am not the fastest artist, and I am a perfectionist that will work for a long time at this. Yesterday, when I issued this, I felt that I would have plenty of time. But, I should have known better. The number has jumped 30 followers in less than 12 hours. I need to get this poster done and beautiful.

When I reach 300 (I’m going to say maybe 302, because I won’t be putting myself or Astronautalis into the drawing to be fair; I’m drawing the poster, I don’t need to hold on to it), I am going to put all of the names into a generator, or write it down on pieces of paper, or something. Whatever seems most fair. The name that comes up will win!

I’ll post a picture of the poster when it’s completed.

In the mean time, RT everywhere! Tell everyone! Let’s knock this out!

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