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Evening, Trouble Hunters!

I’ve been planning some for the last few days, and I believe I am ready for your help!

As many of you know, Astronautalis is starting up his tour again very shortly. True, he might not be coming to a place near you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help! There are fliers that have been made up (thanks, Jackson!) that can be printed off and thrown up everywhere you can get to. There are 3 different ones, depending on what you want to print. I’ve posted about them before, but they’re awesome, and they are specifically for This Is Our Science. There are still so many people that don’t know about the album, so let’s get fliers thrown around for that!

Is he coming near you? Help make some simple fliers for promotion! Also with these posters, they must be able to be used in multiple cities, so don’t add city/date/cost to the actual poster. Instead, leave a white bar at the bottom so people from each city can write (or type) in the details for their specific show. Email them to me, and I will email it out to the rest of the team to use. Once you get those fliers, add YOUR city to the bottom, make sure you get the time and location right, and throw them up everywhere. Go to your local music store (Guitar Center loves when people put up fliers, so any local music shop is a perfect place), local CD store, everywhere that allows posters to be put up. Put them on lamp poles, on walls, everywhere. Blanket the city. I want to see shows selling out left and right!

I also come to you all asking for people with artistic talent! Can you draw? Paint? Are you great with Photoshop? Do you know someone that can make stickers? Shirts? Patches? I want to make some street team specific gear, and I’d love to get some stuff to giveaway in upcoming contests/raffles. Show off your talents a little! Any style of art is awesome, so show me what you’ve got. I want us all to work together on this, and that can only happen if we all help each other. Let’s make this tour amazing, and show Astronautalis once again WHY he is amazing and WHY his fans love him so much.

Y’all are amazing, and thanks so much for the help so far!

Shoot me an email at if you want to help, have questions, or anything!

Check out where he is going:

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