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Hello there again, my dear, crazy fans! I have something to share with you!

Jackson (aka @jack_is_angry) has made some amazing fliers promoting This Is Our Science. There are 3 for you to choose from: a full color one, a black and white with a black background, and a black and white with a white background.

These are for you to print like crazy and blanket your cities with. I only ask that, if you do print these, not only put them everywhere you possibly can, but email me/tag me on Twitter with pictures of them! A street team needs to see the members in action, and I would love to create an album of all this craziness.

So! Print them up, spread them out, and take pictures! Tag @STastronautalis on Twitter, or email them to

You are all amazing! Let’s continue to spread the word! 

i did done these up for the Astro Street Team. check out his music, and if you like it, print these out and put ‘em up wherever you can. local record shops, malls, lamp posts, your neighbors pets, your neighbors, anywhere you want!

it’s a free fucking country 

"your neighbors pets, your neighbors"


Just be careful and don’t get yourself arrested. Unless that’s what you want. Then GO FOR IT! Because y’all are great.

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