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Trouble Hunters!

First: Hello to all of the new followers. There are so many of you.

Second: Remember this shirt?

Some of you loved it, some of you thought it was great but a tad simple, some of you bought it, and so on.

Well, Jord and myself have decided that we want to create a new shirt. Well, we don’t want to. We want you, the FANS!, to design one.


One entry a person. We have to limit the amount of colors/textures used, but throw at us whatever you come up with. We will both be looking at each design that comes in, carefully deciding what we want next to represent Team Astronautalis.


1. One entry per person. Each entry must be emailed (attached picture or in the body of the email, whichever works) to with the subject “Team Astronautalis Contest!” Put your name in the email, please. Just so we can keep track.

2. Try to stay limited on how much detail you put in to it. Think of what you see as shirt designs; not many are over the top.

3. All entries must be in by May 15, 11:59 pm PST!

4. Tell us what color shirt you imagine it being on, or make the background of your submitted image that color.

5. Be creative! We want to see what awesome things you all can come up with. Put a little color in it, if you want. Show us how amazing you all are!

If we pick your shirt as the winner, you will not only get it up on the street team store for sale with your name attached, but we will also send you a free shirt with your design! Everyone will know it was your design, and they will be representing the team with your help!


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