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You should check them out. They’re right over here . They were designed by Mr. Nate Smith, and I think that they look pretty damn awesome. There are a variety of colors this time, whereas last time they were just white. So go, take a look, and order one. Yes, you can get a black shirt this time around! I’m ordering one myself to wear under my work uniform.

I get that $22 isn’t a super low price, but keep in mind that all of the proceeds that we make off of this are funded directly back into the team. The team is not taking a profit off of it. We intend on making some more awesome things for the team in the future, but we need money to make that happen. So come help out the team and rock the name at the same time!

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Andy and I, ya’ll. we talked twitter then bikes. about his first then my plan to buy one. talked MKE and Harley Fest, how the city was made for it. talked about old drunk dudes doing donuts on Brady Street, the police just waving them to just simmer down. talked about his favorite part of the whole thing being riding in the parade, which he thought he was going to hate “cause 10mph is the worst speed on a bike ever.” as our convo was coming to a close and we were going in for the final handshake I threw in, like a secret, “I’m also the girl who covered measure the globe” (which he’d retweeted once) to which he was like “oh! no way! wait, what’s your name again?” and then he went in for a hug. then I caved and did what I wasn’t planning on doing..asked someone behind in line to take a photo.

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