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Driving home today, I began thinking about this upcoming astronautalis tour (of course… what else am I going to be thinking about?). We need to promote this anywhere and everywhere, but I really am going to need your help with this one.

Have you guys seen this poster yet?

I know that it’s for Flobots, but since it is technically their tour, I like it. Also, their name draws a crowd that might not know about astronautalis.

What do I want you guys to do? Simple. Print this off. Print off dozens (or more; I’m not judging). In that blank space below the picture, write down these items: Date of show, time, name of venue, cost of show, and if the show is all ages or not. If you’re having problems figuring it out, go to the venues website and to their calendar. Most of this information will be listed there. Also, if there is space, write in just for good measure.

But there is more!

I want you to start networking in your local areas. You know that there are more of you in every city. Post on Twitter: “Hey, who out there is an astronautalis fan in -your city-?” and tag @STastronautalis. I’ll check my mentions, and RT each one. I’ll try to get astronautalis to do the same, since he still has so many more followers than the team page.

Network with the people that reply. Get together, get some coffee, get a beer, share a sandwich. Print and pass out fliers together and get yourself some new amazing friends. I’ve seen you guys do crazy amazing things. If you work together, the sky’s the limit, and that’s just if we don’t keep going.

The tour starts in Missoula, MT at The Top Hat on September 14. If you have anything you wish to add, or ask about, shoot me an email: I am more than happy to start a conversation with you!

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Follower count across the social media outlets:

Tumblr: 68

Twitter: 334

Email list: 35

I know that there are crossovers here and there, but the numbers are looking good. I want to bring up Twitter the most, but if you aren’t following us over here on Tumblr, and you have an account, I suggest doing so. Since I don’t have to worry about character restrictions, big things are posted here.

Tell your friends, family, that stranger you see on the street from time to time but have never talked to (but you think s/he’s cute, so consider this an icebreaker) to listen to astronautalis, and to come and follow the team over here.

Giveaway at 500 Twitter followers! Even if you create a faceless account simply to follow the team, you’re a part of it! I might do a giveaway for Tumblr followers soon, since I know there are those that are against Twitter. Don’t want anyone to get left out! 

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Hello there!

So, as you all know, this team is near and dear to my heart. I very much want to put all of my passion behind this, and it’s going to happen more and more if this team grows, and more of you step up to help me out.

I want this team to do amazing things, because astronautalis deserves it, and I need you to help me with this.

Tell everyone and anyone you know to follow either here (where I try and post as much as possible, and I am going to work at it more) or over on Twitter at @STastronautalis. I know many people don’t have/don’t want Twitter, and that’s just fine. I try to post major things here, or I send out emails to the email street team (shoot me an email if you want to be added:

If I can grow the team, I can get more of y’all to back me when things happen. There are going to be giveaways at 500, and astronautalis is helping with the prize. I want to make more shirts, stickers, anything that can be used to get strangers interested in astronautalis and his music.

I’ve been a fan for a year now (give or take a couple of weeks), and he has introduced me to so many other musicians that I would have never known about before. I’d never heard of Doomtree (or any of the members), Ceschi, Busdriver, Bleubird, Dark Time Sunshine, and so on and so on. Rap wasn’t important to me; I overlooked it a lot. He showed me how amazing rap can be.

Let’s get him the recognition and fanbase he deserves.


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