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My Fellow Trouble Hunters!

It is time for us to pull together and do more for Andy in 2012. Look what happened to him in 2011! We need to prove that this was only the beginning!

Jord (@JordPlourde) has recently begun a campaign of sending emails to his local radio stations, with a message asking them to play Astronautalis’ music (since it has had the most success, I suggest linking to “Contrails” first). Make sure it is a station that either plays similar music or is varied enough to give him a try. Link them to some reviews he’s gotten. Mention his MTViggy clout! Do everything you can when you email, and make sure all your friends/family/coworkers/gardeners/etc. also email, even if it is just an exact copy of the one you sent. Jord has his mom sending emails!

My team, you have been wonderful, and it keeps on growing. Thank you all for joining, and there is much to do yet! Let’s make this the best year for him, and get him everywhere. We all know he deserves it; but others deserve to hear his music as well.

Team Astronautalis will grow and grow, and I will love it every day for it.

Get to those emails, BCC so I can keep up with it. Post some fliers (another Tumblr post) and tag @STastronautalis on them! I want to see this fanbase continue to spread.

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